Advancing Alternative Migration Governance

Migrants in Greece and Italy: 4Mi snapshots

The Mixed Migration Centre that is part of the Danish Refugee Council, has published three 4Mi snapshots. The snapshots are based on the data gathered for ADMIGOV and provide an overview of the routes that refugees and migrants take, and the problems they face on their way:

- 4Mi (2020) "The Impact of Covid-19 on protection among Afghan refugees and migrants in Greece", published on 23 November 2020, on the Mixed Migration Centre's website: http://www.mixedmigration.org/resource/4mi-snapshot-the-impact-of-covid-19-on-protection-among-afghan-refugees-and-migrants-in-greece/

- 4Mi (2020) "Protection risks along migration routes through North Africa to Italy", published on 21 September 2020, on the Mixed Migration Centre's website: http://www.mixedmigration.org/resource/4mi-snapshot-protection-risks-along-migration-routes-through-north-africa-to-italy/ 

- 4Mi (2020) "Destination Europe – migrants and refugees in Italy looking back at their migration journey", published on 18 May 2020, on the Mixed Migration Centre's website: http://www.mixedmigration.org/resource/4mi-snapshot-destination-europe-migrants-and-refugees-in-italy-looking-back-at-their-migration-journey/