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Advancing Alternative Migration Governance

Protection during COVID-19 in Greece, Turkey and Lebanon

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The Work package 4 team has published three papers about the protection of migrants in Greece, Turkey and Lebanon, based on fieldwork during the COVID-19 period in 2020. The starting point is the principle of protection as defined by the United Nation, but this contradicts with the practices on the ground. You can download them here:

Pallister-Wilkins, P., A. Anastasiadou and E. Papataxiarchis (2020), Protection in Lesvos during Covid-19: A critical failure, ADMIGOV interim report on Greece (deliverable 4.1.), Mytilene: University of the Aegean.

Üstübici, A. and S. Karadağ (2020), Refugee Protection in Turkey during the First Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic, ADMIGOV Interim Report on Turkey (deliverable 4.2), Istanbul: Koç University.

Trovato,  M.G., N. Al-Akl, D. Ali and S. Abou Fakher (2020). Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Protection amidst CrisesADMIGOV interim report on Lebanon (deliverable 4.3). Beirut, American University of Beirut.